Aluminum Fencing

Selecting the best style and type of fence material is no easy task. Here at First Choice Fence Company of St. Louis, we know how difficult a task it is to choose a fence for your property. It is a big investment and you want the most for your money. That is where we come into the process to help you make the right decision. Before you make your choice, talk to us and visit our showroom. If you are interested in aluminum fencing for your yard or business, you have made a wise choice. This type of fence material lasts through all types of weather. It is sturdy and holds up to any type of seasonal weather. Let us help you to choose the type and style of aluminum fence that suits your home or business. There are several styles, types, and colors from which to choose.

If your need is to keep your family and pets safe, a strong aluminum fence will work best. A fence always adds to property value and curb appeal. Check with your HOA (Home Owner Association) and your local municipal code enforcement office to ensure that you obtain the correct information regarding placement and height requirements. Before you dig on your property, find out where any cables and pipes are buried underground. Once you have the necessary details, our First Choice Fence expert staff can help you with everything regarding installing the fence on your property. After all, as installation experts, that is what we do best.

Before you select a style and color of aluminum fence, explore your options about the purpose or use of the fence on your property. Do you want a decorative style or a sturdy functional type of fence? What color do you want, is it grey, black, silver, brown, or another color? How tall do you want your new aluminum fence to be? Do you want to put the fence in both the front yard and back yard on your residential property? Or, will the fence be installed on your business property? Before you purchase the fence material, these decisions are important to make.

Residential aluminum fencing, or fence panels, are commonly used to surround yards and pools. This type of fence is a durable and affordable option. It improves any yard and dresses it up. Add flowers and you have instant curb appeal. You can purchase gates and ornamental hardware to enhance the fence. This versatile fence material can go from plain to fancy depending upon your need and chosen style. Choose from an array of styles and colors. Your yard will look great with an attractive aluminum fence. This type of aluminum fence suits any application such as defining your property line, protecting your children and pets, or surrounding your pool. At First Choice Fence Company of St. Louis, we like to offer a wide variety of fence options to our valued customers. Call us today to speak with one of our representatives and select your new aluminum fence. We will be happy to help you.

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