Wood Fencing

With all of the types of fence materials available in the marketplace, wood remains a popular choice. Stockade fence panels are long-lasting and widely available. Pressure-treated wood fence panels will last through all types of inclement weather. They last longer than untreated wood. Panels made from pine, douglas fir, redwood, and spruce can be treated with a pressure-treated chemical to prevent termites and decay. Most people choose the plain stockade fence. However, for decorative appeal, choose a lattice topped fence which beautifies your property. If you dream about a picket fence surrounding your front yard or garden, choose this classic style. If solitude and avoiding inquisitive neighbors is your goal, select a privacy fence which is a relatively inexpensive stockade type fence.

Stick-built fences are constructed of individual wood boards, rails, and posts. This type of wood fence follows the lay of the land, called racking, easier than preformed fence panels. Pre-assembled panels come in sections that are 4 x 8 or 4 x 6 panels. Pre-assembled panels can be installed using racking similar to stick-built wood fences. As an economical choice, using wood instead of other types of fence material is useful for both residential and commercial property. An affordable choice, they are easy to install and maintain. Keeping the fence in good condition is done by performing a seasonal maintenance plan. It is well worth the time invested and the fence will last much longer. Poorly maintained wood fences quickly fall into disrepair appearing as dilapidated. 

Sealing or staining a wood fence will make it last much longer than an unprotected one. Wood fences can be painted but this type of finish requires more maintenance than using a clear stain or sealer to protect the fence. If you want to avoid wood rot and insects, choose a fence material such as red cedar or redwood. Douglas fir is less expensive and also less rot resistant. Southern yellow pine is a thrifty choice; however, it needs to be treated to resist decay and insects. From the pacific northwest, western red cedar is sap-free and resistant to rot and insects which is important to maintain a strong sturdy fence for many years.

Fences are good for property value and it adds instant curb appeal. Wood fences are an easy way to have privacy and to protect children and pets. For generations, homeowners have chosen wood fence material for their homes. Equally important, they have chosen First Choice Fence Company to install their fences. Whether you are buying a home to invest and flip for quick resale or as your residence, a wood fence is good for a solid return on investment. Most home buyers want to purchase a home with a fence. Homes with fences have a higher resale value. For privacy and safety reasons, fences are necessary for high-traffic areas, nearby to bus routes, and close to busy school zones. If you are looking to improve your property value, a wood fence is the best investment of your money.

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