Vinyl Fencing Replacement in St Louis, MO

If you are searching for an easy-to-install with low maintenance fence material, then vinyl fencing is what you need. Vinyl fencing is a popular fence material. You can choose a solid panel style or try a lattice style fence. Vinyl fencing comes in many colors. There are many styles of vinyl privacy fences. This product is washable and paintable. Vinyl fencing is durable and flexible. It is said that vinyl fences are stronger than wood fences and vinyl does not warp. Vinyl will not rot due to sun and rain exposure and it is less expensive than other types of fence material. 

Popular color choices are white, tan, gray, brown, black, taupe, and putty. You can even have colors that look like stained wood such as walnut, oak, and cherry. Vinyl is a great alternative to choosing more expensive fence materials such as wood or metal. Available styles include picket, post and rail, decorative lattice, and solid privacy panel. A variety of hardware and accessories accompany vinyl fence material. This type of fence will vastly improve your yard. Research shows that homes that have been improved with fences and landscaping sell better. You can see a profit as much as one to five percent more than homes without improved curb appeal. Vinyl fences are fade-resistant and last longer than other types of fences. Vinyl is considered to be a “green” environmentally friendly recyclable fence material. You can purchase fence material that was produced from previously used vinyl materials. That is money saved and it helps the environment.

The benefits of vinyl include strength and durability. Vinyl fences do not succumb to rotting like wood fences. Nor does vinyl rust like metal. Vinyl is not affected by rodents or bugs. All the way around, vinyl fencing just might be the type of fence that you are looking for to improve your home or business property. Vinyl fencing is available in both short or tall panels. Vinyl fences last a long time with minimal maintenance. Just spray the fence off with a garden hose. Add a soap and water solution and the dirt easily washes away. If you are seeking a low cost and low maintenance fence, visit our First Choice Fence Company office today. We will be happy to demonstrate the various styles and applications of vinyl fencing.

The benefits far outweigh the cost. Our expert installation staff will show you how easy it is to install a vinyl fence system. Our numerous satisfied customers enjoy the benefits of vinyl fences. They will provide references and tell you about the value of investing in a vinyl fence. Stop by and learn the many benefits of installing a new vinyl fence on your property. You will be glad that you made the choice to switch to vinyl instead of using wood or metal. Call us anytime!  We are happy to serve you and we will work hard to assist with your purchase of your new vinyl fence.

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